Recruiting Career FAQs


Why should I partner with ARG versus going it alone?

Nine out of ten independent recruiters fail in the first year because they don't have the infrastructure and collaborative team to compete. Also, clients and candidates generally prefer to work with established organizations offering more security and accountability. ARG alleviates the pitfalls of traditional independent recruiting while ensuring the freedom and profitability you expect. This is next generation independent recruiting!

Do I represent myself exclusively as ARG?

Yes & No. The savvy independent recruiter will leverage their personal brand (i.e. reputation) in tandem with ARG's national brand to provide a more powerful and balanced marketing strategy. The greatest challenge facing fragmented independent recruiters is the ability to unite collaboratively under a centrally branded umbrella. The real estate industry (ex. RE/MAX), the insurance industry (ex. Prudential) and other industries have successfully employed the "Independent Agent" strategy with great success…why hasn't the recruiting industry? By uniting your personal brand with ARG's corporate brand, you become a double barrel branding power from day one without sacrificing any ownership or control of your business. Feel more confident recruiting top talent and forging national accounts knowing you have the tools, branding, collaboration and support of a premier national recruiting organization backing your good name.

Why is collaboration and networking important to my independent recruiting desk?

The ability to collaborate and network with a centrally branded team of top recruiters is a key element to the success among agency and franchise big billers today. This benefit alone can notably increase your billings by allowing you to leverage our organization to build national accounts as well as conduct splits with a team you can trust.

Do you offer a salary or a draw?

Because we have the most aggressive commission plan in the industry, we do not offer a salary or a draw. In any organization, taking a small salary or draw requires forgoing the large portion of the commissions. In addition, we do not withhold taxes when paying your commissions. Agents will receive a 1099 at the end of each year.

Explain work place flexibility?

Our Agent Recruiters can work from the comfort of their own home office. We all know that office location plays no important role in serving our candidates and clients. Save your gas money and commuting time while knowing your contributing to a cleaner environment.

As an Agent Recruiter, what are my responsibilities?

We provide the professional tools, collaborative team, best practices training & national branding while you provide the professional full desk recruiting (Clients/Candidates).

  1. Bill a minimum of $55k in direct hire and/or contract each year.
  2. Represent your Agent Recruiting desk as ARG with integrity & professionalism.

When I make a placement, how and when do I get paid?

You submit all your direct hire invoices through ARG’s proprietary AgentHQ software and ARG handles the invoicing and collections for you. The entire process is tracked in real time straight from the software so you are in the know all the time. When payments are received and cleared, we mail or wire your commissions directly to you within 4 to 5 business days. For contract commissions, if net 7 payment terms are set with your clients, we pay direct deposit every Friday. Otherwise we pay commissions as the client pays the invoice.

Do I have to sign a non-compete when starting with ARG?

There is NO non-compete and our Agent Recruiter Agreement (ARA) can be terminated at any time with a written notice by either party. At ARG, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your client & candidate relationships stay with you. ARG corporate is dedicated only to the success of our Agents and therefore does not engage in any direct recruiting activities with companies.

Will my client and candidate information remain confidential in Sendouts Pro?

Data entered into your Sendouts Pro software is 100% confidential. Absolutely no person has access to your database except you. Your data is held in a secured SQL Server database housed at SunGard's state-of-the-art Security Operations Center. Sendouts provides several layers of data backup and redundancy so your data is always available 24/7. Control, security & backup are yours.

How do I earn $5K every year per recruiter referral?

It's easy! Each year your referral Agents meet their $55k billing minimum, you will receive a check for $5k per referral Agent. Our best recruiters come from referrals from successful Agents. Every recruiter knows other quality recruiters, which provides the opportunity to strengthen the team from within. (4 referrals covers your entire cost with ARG)

What if I need my recruiting/staffing specialty to be stated in my branding?

No problem! Below the ARG logo, we can replace "AgentHR Recruiting Group" with one of eleven different specialties: Technology Recruiting, Engineering Recruiting, Executive Recruiting, Financial Recruiting, Marketing & Sales Recruiting, Healthcare Recruiting, Hospitality Recruiting, Human Resources Staffing, Legal Recruiting, Government Recruiting and Administrative Staffing. Your specialty logo will appear on your business cards, website and job board. See Logos.

I am unfamiliar with ARG; tell me more about your agency.

Since 1998, ARG has been partnering with independent minded recruiters nationwide while building a reputation as a premier national recruiting organization. We pioneered the "Agent Recruiting" model for independent recruiters who needed more infrastructure to compete against agencies and franchises from the comfort of their home office. We seem almost too good to be true while we continue to level the playing field. ARG is a privately held profitable firm with a positive rating by Dun & Bradstreet. ARG sits on the board of NAPS and is a member of the WBENC. With over 50 Agent Recruiter offices from California to Connecticut and growing, ARG is revolutionizing how Independent Recruiters do business.

What are you looking for in an Agent Recruiter? Do I need to qualify?

ARG is looking for experienced third party recruiters who have a proven track record for running both sides of a desk (client sales & candidate sourcing). We are seeking self- motivated & disciplined performers who excel at the art of recruiting. We conduct a thorough qualification process so we may ensure the highest standard of excellence for every recruiter on the ARG team. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed!

I would like to be considered, what’s my next step?

Once you have thoroughly reviewed this web site and you feel you meet or exceed our minimum qualifications, please complete our online application for consideration. Also, new Agents are required to attend a one day orientation class in Tampa, Florida.