Partner Plans


The plan is perfect for the recruiting/staffing professional who prefers to outsource the challenging, time intensive and expensive proposition involved in building a comprehensive back office solution for their independent recruiting/staffing business. It does not make sense to recreate the wheel when ARG has already perfected it for you. We can cost effectively and seamlessly plug in to your business and manage your complete direct hire & staffing back office operation insuring your competitive edge in today’s fierce market place.


Do you like the power of the Agent Pro Plan but you don’t like paying for tools you don’t need? No problem! The agent select Select plan delivers the comprehensive infrastructure power of the agent PRO plan but without the preselected tools of monster.zoominfo and Snouts together.Instead, this plan allows you to select any combination of these tools (and many more) directly from our discount Zone at huge savings. So put together the best combination of tools (or none at all) for your business knowing you are never paying for tools you don’t want.


The Payroll Plus plan delivers a stand-alone full service employer of record and payroll funding solution. It was designed exclusively for independent staffing firms who prefer to outsource the cost, risk and hassle involved in back office payroll services. The "Plus" gives staffing firms the opportunity to qualify for a complimentary suite of powerful tools and services based on total contract billings. Since 1998, independent staffing owners have trusted ARG to deliver customizable back office services that maximize per hour profits and saves valuable time.

Strategic Branding
ARG National Brand
Branded Tailored Website & Email
Suite of Marketing Materials
Free Client Gift Program
Contract Staffing Services
Complete Contract Staffing Services
Tools & Services National Database
a la Carte
through our
discount zone.
ZoomInfo Pro & PowerSearch
Brightmove ATS Recruiting Software
Discounts Zone of Products/Services
Invoicing & Collections
Accountant Prepared Financial Stmt.
Operational Forms & Contracts
McAfee Email Protection & Continuity
Ongoing Training
Live Monthly Training Events
Top Producer Tutor by Barb Bruno
ASA/NAPS Corporate Membership
Collaboration / Networking
AgentHQ Collaboration Software
Monthly Newsletter
Annual National Conference
2 Payment Options
Option 1 - ARG Sponsored:

ARG offers a "Sponsored" payment option for those recruiters who do not have access to the capital to pay monthly, bi-annually or annually. You must meet our minimum qualifications, adhere to the ARG billing policy & attend our National Conference.

  • Meet Minimum Qualifications

    To Qualify:

    1 Proven track record as a 3rd party recruiting/staffing professional.
    2 Strong client development and candidate sourcing experience.
    3 An entrepreneurial spirit.
    4 Self-motivated & results-driven.
  • Adhere to ARG Billing Policy

    Adhere to ARG Billing Policy:

    1 Each year you must invoice your partnership plan required minimum billings in direct hire, contract staffing, consulting or combination.
    2 Bill a minimum of one placement every 4 months and your required minimum billings in 12 months of your start date each year.
    3 All direct hire invoicing and contract staffing must be submitted through ARG.
    4 Represent your staffing business with honesty, integrity & professionalism.
  • Attend National Conference

    Each October, ARG conducts a National Conference in Las Vegas. As a Sponsored Agent, you must attend the next National Conference after your start date. You will have the opportunity to meet the ARG executive team and fellow Agents from around the country. Also enjoy live training from top trainers and our annual award ceremony dinner. You are responsible for all travel expenses.

You keep 65% of 1st $45k invoiced
then 100% thereafter each year.
Total = $15,750 per yr.
$445 Setup Fee
You keep 65% of 1st $35k invoiced
then 100% thereafter each year.
Total = $12,250 per yr.
$295 Setup Fee
Option 2 - Subscription: (3 Plans)
  • Get up to 25% OFF
  • NO Setup Fees
  • Keep 100% of Billings
$1,180 per mo / only $14,160 per yr
$6,726 upfront per 6 mo
$12,744 upfront per year
$918 per mo / only $11,016 per yr
$5,236 upfront per 6 mo
$9,222 upfront per year
New Rates are locked in
Cancel anytime
No non-competes
Add associates
Earn up to 100% OFF of Agent PRO or Agent SELECT partner plans each year based on your total temp billings. Now you can enjoy our full suite of tools & services FREE! Estimate your savings using the below calculator.