Why ARG?

Why be a virtual recruiter with ARG?

Why be a virtual recruiter with ARG?
Independent recruiting & staffing professionals have very different back office needs and challenges then do larger agencies. That's why ARG designed a comprehensive back office solution which combines full employer of record & payroll funding services with strategic marketing, collaboration, ongoing training & state of the art tools & services. Why settle for anything less from your back office partner?

ARG’s 5-point turn-key comprehensive infrastructure service plugs into your new or existing recruiting or staffing business to cost-effectively provide you with the tools, resources and support of a national recruiting organization from day one all in one place. ARG focuses 100% on your back office operations while you focus 100% on client sales and candidate sourcing. Now you have the ability to compete like a national agency without sacrificing the freedom, profitability and control as an Independent recruiter or boutique staffing firm.

As your infrastructure partner, ARG will implement and manage up to 5 areas crucial to running a more profitable business:
  • Complete Contract Staffing Services
  • Strategic Marketing
  • State of the Art Tools & Services
  • Ongoing Training
  • Collaboration with Other Independent Recruiters
How does ARG maximize your profitability and long-term viability?
  • ARG can provide full branding or support your current brand to create more credibility with potential clients and candidates who want the accountability of a national organization and the peace of mind that you have the resources and backing to get the job done right.

  • With ARG's purchasing power, you get instant access to incredible discounts on the top tools in the industry passing the savings on to you.

  • Our contract staffing services delivers the most competitive turnkey contract payrolling solution in the industry putting more profit in your pocket.

  • We all know “time is money” which is why we handle the time consuming mundane back office functions so you can focus 100% of your time on revenue generating activities.

  • We provide access to quality splits with fellow veteran recruiters just like you across the country and internationally.

  • Our easily accessible LIVE weekly training with the best trainers in the industry will have a dynamic impact on your ability to increase your billings. Plus we have a huge library of training material available online 24/7.

  • No longer worry about your invoices getting paid because you’re a solo recruiter. Our invoice and collection services will make sure your invoices are a top priority.

  • Because you’re plugged into a national recruiting organization, you will have the ability to work on national accounts otherwise unavailable to a solo recruiter or small team.
Join our growing family of recruiting & staffing professionals and maximize your recruitment business by putting the experience and infrastructure of a world class back office organization behind you. Whatever your aspirations - to grow your contracting business, to be your own boss, to work from anywhere, to enjoy work/life balance, to build a team around you - we can help you reach your goals. Here are 11 more reasons to partner with ARG...

Cost Effective
ARG delivers cost effective comprehensive back office solutions to independent recruiting & staffing professionals so they can better compete in today’s competitive recruiting/staffing market.
Increase Profitability
Our independent recruiting & staffing partners enjoy affordable turnkey comprehensive back office solutions that increases profitability and drives greater productivity. There is no other back office service that provides you more for less. Earn More, Get More with ARG!
Comprehensive Suite of Tools & Services
We provide the most comprehensive suite of tools and services in the industry hands down. Everything you need to be successful as a recruiting/staffing professional is here and more. ARG offers professional grade tools and services plus the support you expect from a premier national recruiting organization.
Leverage Our Exclusive Team
Grow your desk exponentially by leveraging the power of our national team through splits and national accounts.
No Non-Competes, Cancel Anytime
Unlike a traditional agency, you retain 100% ownership of your clients and candidates; therefore, no non-compete is required. If for any reason you decide to leave, the partnership agreement can be canceled at any time and without losing any commissions making ARG a no risk scenario.
You Determine Fees, Terms Splits & Guarantees
You have total creative flexibility to negotiate all fees, terms, splits and guarantees to ensure the strongest client relationships for your business.
Achieve Work/Life Balance
Enjoy independent recruiting without going it alone. ARG enables you to operate your recruiting and staffing business virtually from any location, giving you the flexibility to achieve a real work life balance.
Enjoy Workplace Flexibility
We push flexibility to its limits! Our infrastructure delivery was specifically designed for recruiters & staffing professionals who demand total flexibility. Our partners can work from absolutely anywhere without sacrificing productivity. We all know that office location plays no important role in serving our candidates and clients. Save your gas money and commuting time knowing you are contributing to a cleaner environment.
Focus on Revenue Generating Activities
Just like a traditional agency or franchise, we can take care of the complete operational infrastructure, so you can focus all your recruiting time on revenue generating activities.
Operational Security
No more agency hopping or concerns about staying in business. ARG allows you the leverage to take complete control of your recruiting/staffing business to reach your true potential giving YOU real career security.
Maximize Your Potential
Enjoy the freedom of operating your business without infrastructure limitations, so you can maximize your income potential and have more fun doing it!